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Essex Cleanup & Restoration Services

Property damage can occur from myriad weather events or accidents. The Paul Davis Windsor & Essex County confront this damage every day. We acknowledge that every call we receive is different and will utilize the necessary tools and resources to have it fixed professionally.

  • Water Damage: A building could experience water damage for a number of different reasons. It may affect one room, a basement, or be spread throughout a home or business. At Paul Davis, we offer structural repairs, contents cleaning, and water extraction to help you during an incident like this.
  • Fire and Smoke Damage: A fire in your home or business can lead to three major problems: burned materials, smoke damage, and water damage. You may be surprised at the amount of fire-damaged content we can restore with our equipment. Our technicians also eliminate odours and sanitize air that has been contaminated by smoke.
  • Weather Damage: After damage from weather events like heavy winds and tornadoes, careful repairs will be needed. Our cleanup and reconstruction services can make sure this job gets done the right way.
  • Mould Removal: Mould is a major health hazard that should be dealt with immediately. We won’t stop at the areas that have a visible mould problem. We identify and sanitize the problem area, remove mould and prevent its future growth.
  • Contents Cleaning: While the structure of a building is the first thing that people notice when they see damage from fire, water, or severe weather, the most emotionally-draining damage typically occurs within the walls, where business and personal belongings can be damaged or destroyed. Please call your local Paul Davis System before you throw these items away. Using the latest in cleaning technology, we’re able to restore clothing, documents, furniture, and other damaged items.

We have many other restoration services available in Essex, including cleanup for ice damming, asbestos, and sewer backup damage. You can count on our team being at your property ready to work within two hours. Call Paul Davis Windsor & Essex County today to talk to the restoration experts who care about working for you.