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Our needs and abilities can change as we age. If you or anyone who lives in or visits your house is getting older or has a disability, there are a whole range of modifications you can make to your home to make it safer, more comfortable and more accessible for everyone. The Government of Canada also provides some grants to help with this process, refer to their website for eligibility and the application process.

We can add a wheelchair ramp and widen your front door to accommodate for wheelchair access to ensure ease of use.

Other useful accommodations include upgrading the door handle to a levered handle, enlarging the entrance space, minimizing the threshold height to eliminate trip hazards, securing the front steps, and adding railings.

Providing updates to your shower to make it more accessible can help provide some ease when aging in place. Carefully placed hand rails, a flush threshold, a lower shower head, and shower chair can provide an easier and safer showering experience.

We can update your kitchen to make it more accessible with lower cabinets, a lower sink, elevating your dishwasher, an induction cooktop stove to reduce the risk of burns and fire, and brighter lighting.