Hurricane Security – Prepping Your Home from Potential Disaster

Natural disasters can develop without a moment's notice, but hurricanes can at least be detected prior to hitting your area. Planning and preparing are the most important things you can do when hurricane season comes around. Because your home is one of your biggest expenses, it's a smart idea to do what you can to prevent the damages that hurricanes can bring to your house and to prevent any storm damage restoration. There are a lot of things to keep in mind when prepping your property for the big storm. To defend your property from a hurricane, use the approaches listed below.

How to Brace for a Hurricane

  • Garage Door – In fact, your garage is really one of the more vulnerable spots when it comes to heavy weather conditions like hurricanes. The reason why: the average garage door is not supported and heavy winds can get into the area. When this occurs, a positive push generates inside the garage, and as the winds are swirling above your structure, this creates a negative pull. A push-pull combination is created, and this can place a lot of pressure on your roof and ultimately it could tear it off your garage. To avoid this from happening, the best approach is to buy a kit that supports your garage door. But if time isn't on your side to install a kit, then you can utilize your vehicle to brace your garage door.
  • Windows and Doors – The other problematic areas in your property are your entrances such as your doors and windows. Busted windows will allow rain and wind to move through your house, and this can lead to water damage issues. When a hurricane is imminent, make sure you lock and secure your windows. If you have storm shutters, make sure they are in good condition and locked, but if you don't have storm shutters, you can board up your windows to keep possible destruction out of your house. Also, remember that placing masking tape on your windows doesn't protect them at all. As for your doors, use the deadbolts or any other locks to ensure they don't pop open during heavy winds.
  • Roof – A roof checkup is crucial, and you should look out for any damaged shingles and other vulnerable spots. Get some roof cement to mend any loose shingles, and you should consider hurricane straps to make sure your roof is fastened to your home. Also, you'll want to seal any spots where wires come into your home to prevent any water damage from occurring. During your roof examination, check to see if your gutters are cleaned out. You want to ensure you have suitable irrigation for the pouring rain that occur during a hurricane.
  • Your Property – It's necessary to clear your property of any loose items such as garden accessories, patio furniture and children's toys. If it can be picked up from a strong wind storm, then relocate it to a secure area so it doesn't cause damage to your house and others' around you. Furthermore, check your trees and shrubbery for any dead or loose branches and trim them if necessary.
  • Car – Your car can easily be forgotten when you're prepping your home for a hurricane. But it's important to get your car ready too, so ensure you have: your gas tank filled, good windshield wipers, good tires and your windows sealed. In addition, be attentive of where you park your car, especially if you rely on street parking. Make sure your vehicle isn't beneath any trees or in a location that's prone to flooding.

Paul Davis' Hurricane Damage Cleanup & Restoration Services

Despite all the precautions you take in safeguarding your property, there is only so much you can do. If your home experiences damage produced by a hurricane, reach out to the experts at Paul Davis. We can restore your property back to its original status with our storm damage restoration and remediation services. In addition, we work with various insurance companies and we can help you verify if your damage is covered. Contact us today at (519)776-4567 to find a franchise near you.